Pregnancy and Baby Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special time, however as your body changes it can bring about aches and pains. Ligaments and joints are being softened by the hormone relaxin and this can sometimes lead to SPD (Symphysis Pelvic Dysfunction).


Massage can help relieve pain, discomfort and any muscular tension. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to relax and revive the mind and body as well as having some much needed 'me' time before baby arrives.


Baby Massage


Baby massage is a loving, nurturing touch. Some of the most intimate and deeply communicative moments  between a parent and their baby are often spent in silence as they stroke a back or tummy. There is no substitute for a parents loving touch.

Benefits of Baby Massage: Soothes & comforts, reduces irritability, aids digestion, strengthens baby's immune system, improves sensory awareness and helps bonding.

£10 per session

Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology in pregnancy, as at any other time is a wonderful way to relax and revive the mind, body & spirit.  During the 40 weeks, a womans body goes through many changes, both hormonal and physical. These changes can bring about a variety of problems such as morning sickness, swollen ankles and strong emotional feelings. As well as helping relieve many of the common minor ailments associated with pregnancy, reflexology can help the mother and in turn the baby; remain in a balanced and healthy state both physically and mentally. 



Induces relaxation

Enhances sleep

Relieves tension

Creates a feeling of well being

Reduces stress

Balances emotions

Helps prepare for childbirth